How Can i Merge Cells When Export to Excel in nav 2013 r2 reports

Hi Everyone,

There is an issue when i Export data to excel i want to merge two cells to print Table title

Is there any Function to Merge

Please Help me out.


Did you check this blog?

hi Mohana,

i Checked this link i think this for SQL reports

PROCEDURE MergeRange(FromRow : Integer;FromCol : Integer;ToRow : Integer;ToCol : Integer);
FromRec : Record 370;
ToRec : Record 370;
FromRec.VALIDATE(“Row No.”,FromRow);
FromRec.VALIDATE(“Column No.”,FromCol);
ToRec.VALIDATE(“Row No.”,ToRow);
ToRec.VALIDATE(“Column No.”,ToCol);
XlWrkSht.Range(FromRec.xlColID + FromRec.xlRowID + ‘:’ + ToRec.xlColID + ToRec.xlRowID).Merge;

the above code i creation of procedure…

i am using nav 2013 r2