How can i learn to create new objects using cronus License


How can i learn to create new tables, reports, forms etc by using cronus license.

Everytime i create, i am getting an error showing that it is not possible to create using the cronus license.

I tried to create in 50000 series in NAV 2009.

Thanks in advance


The Cronus demo license does not allow you to design or create objects. You will have to get access to a partner license or a customer’s license that has object development permissions. Unless it is the big solution or application developer granule, the customer’s license will only give you access to code in the reports, dataports and I think XMLports, not tables, forms, codeunits, pages or menusuites.

Thanks Digi, for the info

Actually it does. It gives you access to create:

Create fields in range 99990-99999 in table 18 Customer, and access to create these new objects:

Forms 99998-99999
Report 99999

Not much, but at least something to get going on.

Good info SNielsen! I never knew that.

Still no access to C/AL code but gives you small taste for creating your own stuff in the system. Add the new fields to the customer table, create a card and list form or maybe a header and lines setup for the customer table using your new fields, create a report for the customer table using the wizard that includes your new fields.

Almost the same access you’d have with the Table, Form, or Report Designer granule in a customer’s license. Are you a potential customer researching NAV as a solution or just looking to learn NAV development?

Hey Neilson,

Thats great. Yeah for just to make things going, this would help. Thnks a lot mate


I was wrking in NAV under a partner. Right now i quit the job becase of a relocation. So thought to just refresh things. Since i dnt have a developer license, am using cronus fr the time being.

Ahh. Hope you find your next NAV gig soon then! [Y]

Hi Sibs,

If you have access to MSDN then there is an MSDN license which has a little more access

From MSDN:

With the MSDN license, you can create new objects (tables, forms, reports, and so on) in the object range from 123,456,700 through 123,456,799. It is not possible to edit the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects or the objects dedicated to customer solutions.