How Can I Launch an existing AOT Form from a Button Click Event?

I am attempting to make a simple form change. I need to add a button to our SalesOrder form which will allow me to Add Contacts for a specific Customer. Essentially, I need to launch/open a new form on the button’s click event which will allow me to add multiple contacts and contact info for a Customer.

I have been having a hard time with this because I’m new to AX and I’m not sure how to make the call programmatically.

I know that there are certain AOT Objects available to me but not the specific form that I need to run. The only data I have access to is 1) the CustomersAccountNum 2) the Customers ID and 3) an Extended DataType object for ContactPerson.

I’m not sure how this data can help me UNLESS I can actually launch the form from the original SalesOrder screen

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

fyi: I looked at some of the other posts on this subject and none seemed to help. I am using AX 2012 and some of the other posts referenced properties/solutions related to 2009. I don’t see how to implement a solution using the Button’s properties because there is no property for DataSource available NOR can I edit the type property associated with the control SO I am at a loss.

First of all you need to create the display menu item of your new form or called form . Then you need to add a menuitembutton on your existing form and set its menuitem property to the newly created menu item .

Hope i understtod your problem correctly