How can I install Navision 2009 with full development features (for training)?

Good day,

I’d like to pass certification in Nav 2009 development (MB7-840 & MB7-841 exams) and need some practice.I.e. I need to install on my computer Navision 2009 for testing.

I installed test database “Kronus”, but I can’t create pages, edit XML ports and many other things.

Is there a test version of Navision 2009, wich allow to practice development?


May be you are using Cronus License only.

Are you a Customer/Partner?

If you are Partner, then Upload your license and try…

Hi Mohana,

yes, we do have a license, but for Nav 5.0 only.

I have to take an exam on Nav 2009.

Yes, that’s going to be a problem for you since the 5.0 license won’t allow you to run a 2009 database. If you have the installation media for the 2009 version, you should be able to find a good bit of helpful information related to your certification in the help documents that come with the software. Look for a file called cside.chm. If not, you can find much of the same kind of information here, in related blogs, etc., and on CustomerSource if you have an account there.

And you’ll also find several excellent books that members have published on just that subject. You’ll have to spend a dollar or two to buy them, but you’ll me dollars ahead by avoiding all that time looking for material.

Hope that helps,

OK, thank you for explanation.