How Can i get Users Tab

Hai to all,

am not getting the usersTab on the Endpoints Form in the Aif.How can we Get that tab in this form[8-)]

Hai Team,

anyone please find the solution. Basic–> setup–>AIF–>Endpoints form i didn’t get the Users Tab.

How can i get this Tab[*-)]


even am not getting the users tab though

so i would suggest you to go thru AifEndpoint form- design-tabpage-tabusers-methods-pageactivated.

I guess this would help in someway.



Hi Shon,

i just search in that form, i hope that Users Tab is not comming when the Local Endpoint id is empty.

When i fill that Local EndPoint id then only Users tab comming.

xatly naresh, its clearly mentioned in the method right!!