How can I download Navision 4 Trial Version?

Hi all,

I’m using Navision 3.7 version.

I need to take the advantages provided by Navision higher version.

How can i download Navision 4 trial version atleast for testing???

Please do help me in this regard

Hi Bindu,

First a warm welcome to you. I’m very happy to see your first post here in the Dynamics User Group. I hope you’ll find this a helpful tool for you.

Well my first suggestion would be that I would recommend you to skip version 4.00 and go directly to version 5.00, as this has already been released several months ago. As you might not know, then your current version is no longer supported by Microsoft.

I can also recommend you to read the many posts on this website regarding how actually to upgrade from one version to another.

But anyway you can download version 5.00 here: Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 5.0 - Client (from the download section).

Please let me know if we can help you with other issues.


I am Manoj. I try to download the NAV 15.0 but can not display the link (

Could you please suggest another trial version link?


Peedikaparambil. Pullut. India

Hello Erik P.

Many many thanks for your download.

I am trying to get to the developer interface of the installed trial version, but i cannot. It says i do not have enough permissions to do that.

I am a student and just try to figure out how the program does works or what is happening in the background.

Any suggestions how i can get to the developer interface?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Alexios,

Besides the demo license, then there is no other test/training version freely available.

This is the way Microsoft protects their partner channel. Only certified partners get access to the development versions (or clients who pays for a full license).


Unfortunately there is no way to get dev license (which allows access to all dev environment) if you are not an employee of MS Partner, OR you are not subscriber of MSDN, but the latter is VERY limited, too.

This is MS politics, already discussed here extensively, do search for “developer license” and you’ll get a lot of threads about this situation and what to do further on.


what a shit. But thank you anyway guys. You are doing a great job.

Hello Once Again

Now i have installed the application.

Trying to enter the database the program asks me for an User ID and a Password.

Can you help me?

Many Thanks in advance.

If it is demo database, then try with any ID with blank (epty/ no character) as password. After this I suggest you create a user ID with SUPER role.

How to create new ID: If the authentication type is database and it is not on SQL server (just a local client copy), then:

From NAV database>> Tools>> Security>>Database Log-in (creata a new ID)

then at bottom Roles button, open a new form and select SUPER role