how can i block save to excel

how can i block save to excel, while we take print preview and from the journal, please check the screen shoot for more info

Can you elaborate what you mean by “block save”, please? Do you mean printing directly to Excel, instead of on screen? What’s the exact version of your AX?

version is ax 2012 , while taking print preview we have an option to save as pdf,excel etc from that is possible remove save as excel option

Aha, got it. But why do you want to remove this feature of SSRS? You would make SSRS report less useful.

If your intention is to prevent users from getting the data to Excel, you wouldn’t achieve it - they still can export data to CSV or XML and open it in Excel.

Please tell us what’s the business problem that you wanted solve by removing Excel from the menu.

sir i only want user to save in pdf, why i want to do this because in our company sales executives prepare the sales quotation they save the quotation in excel and adding there modification on company want to protect it.

Then focus on your actual requirement, which isn’t removing very useful features from SQL Server Reporting Services and making your users less production. You want to protect the Excel file.

One option is using features included in Excel. Look at Password protect worksheet or workbook elements.

Alternatively you can use generic tools working with any files, such as keeping the spreadsheet in a secure location or signing it with a digital signature.

for giving password is only possible after saving to excel right, but company don’t need user to save to excel it can be possible

Of course - you want to protect the file with changes done by sales executives; not every report in AX.

Seriously, you have to explain that the requirement to remove exporting options from SSRS is a bad idea and it’s not really related to the problem.

It technically can be achieved in SSRS and it would probably be respected by AX; but I see plenty of problems with that. I wouldn’t be willing to spend time with it, because the chosen technical solution isn’t only problematic, but it doesn’t address the actual business problem either.