How can I add Dimension code in this case?

Dear all,

Right now, I am stuck with adding Dimension code to a line(a transaction) (Account Type: Fixed Asset) in FA G/L Journals.

Could you please give me a solution?

In this time, I need to set a specific code (Ex. A 001) to a line (a transaction) in “FA G/L Journals” when a report is output by calculated depreciation.

I know If I register Dimension code to Fixed Asset Card(Master), an appropriate dimension code would be given automatically by the Calculate Depreciation function and other functions. What I only need is setting a specific dimension code only for calculated depreciation. It is different from the code which registered in Fixed Asset Card.

Thanks for your help.



Menu pass:

Calc Depreciation:(Financial Management > Fixed Assets > Periodic Activities > Calculate Depreciation)

FA G/L Journals:(Financial Management > Fixed Assets > FA G/L Journals)

in the general ledger module, go to set up then dimension. create new and enter the necessary data.

or you can try to right click then go the main table on the field that requires the dimension code

Hi Haydee,

Thank you for your reply.

In the case of “Account Type : Fixed Asset”, Unless we set a dimension in General Ledger module, dimension code does not show up in Calculate depreciation.

Do you have any other methods to solve?