How can change Picking list Registration order

Hi all…

How we can change the order of Picking list registration.

ie, I want the same order as in sales order while we are posting picking list also.

Item are sorting while posting Pciking list and it is not the same order in other documents.

So how can I customize this flow in AX 2009?


Have a look at the form set and define what you actually want it to do here so people can help you, be more descriptive.

Adam,thanks for your commnets…

I want the order of lines in Picking List report same as Sales Order Confirmation/Packing Slip/Invoice reports.

As we know while posting picking list, the transaction is sorting by item.

Is there any special reason to sorting by item while saving data??

Can we customize this flow?


Have a look at the form sorting parameters under picking, bring in the customer number to reflect the sales and see if it works.