How busy is the Server

I have a few processes that run when there is not much user logegd on the server.

And that makes me wonder if Axapta can tell me more infomation about how busy the server is, to make my processes start and stop, base on theese information.

In a nutshell : is there a form,report or method or else that can give me :

Transfert rate on the drive, %processor, Ram used, network activity, how SQL server is busy … things like that.

Can we get this information from Axapta…



In the About Microsoft Dynamics AX window click on View system information option. This will give you full information on what are the processes using the server.

Neither transfer rate on the drive, %processor, Ram used, network activity or SQL server is something what should be measured by Dynamics AX.

Windows Performance Monitor is such a general-purpose tool. Or you can use specialized tools for disk drives, SQL Server management views and so on.