How block Workdate changes?

Any ideas how can i block the workdate changes? I can’t set System premission for that menuitem.

Maybe not the most elegant way, but you can set the workdate periodically to the value you want by using the Main Menu (OnTimer). Form 332 - OnTimer() IF WORKDATE <> TODAY THEN BEGIN WORKDATE := TODAY; MESSAGE('Workdate has been changed automatically to %1', TODAY); END;

Hi Rivo, We have done this before. Create a New field in the Tab 91 - “Allow change to Work Date” boolean. You can set this to what ever user you want to change. In the Code unit 1, there is a set of code which allows the change of workdate. When the user activated the Tools - Workdate then you can check for the Allow Change WOrkdate field from the User setup field. Happy New Year.

Which function in CU1 is controlling Workdate changes?

Rivo, the function you are looking for is “MakeDateText”, it’s not a function that controls Workdate changes - it’s a function that checks that you enter a correct date. It applies to any date field, therefore you have to be careful when applying your restriction and work with TODAY and WORKDATE to capture the correct event. Saludos Nils