How add a customized field to the standard entity

We have added a field to the CustTable.

Now I try to load customers using the Data Import Export Framework. Everything works fine using the standard DMFCustomerEntityClass, except that this contains only the standard AX fields.

I have added the field to the staging table and to the source file. I’m able to map from source to staging.

However when I want to modify the target mapping, I can’t find the custom fields in “Target Fields” and therefor can’t do the mapping.

I tried to regenerate the mapping, without result. Can someone give me a hint?

Hi Peter,

You need to find the Query DMFCustomerTargetEntity. You have to add the field in this query. The query defines the target fields.


Thank your quick and valuable feedback.
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Peter Rademaker


I am also facing the same problem… While i am trying to import the “CUSTOMERS”, added a new field for Standard in Custtable, and in the Query(DMFCustomerTargetEntity) .

The field which i added in Target Table is not visible when we click on the (View Target Mapping)…

The fields which i added in the Staging table are visible…

Let me know how i can add the field in the Target table and how i can map that particular field with the staging table field.

Thanks in advance…


Hi Streekanth,

It looks like you should delete and create again your target entity (DIXF/ Setup/ Target entity).

After that you will see the new field in the target entity. If names of the fields in the staging table and target table are the same target mapping will be created automatically.

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Please find the example below of how we can add custom fields to standard DIXF entity.…/

Hi Sreekanth,

Whenever there are any changes made in the query, target entity should be recreated to reflect the latest changes.

Please let me know if you still face any issues.