Hotfixes included in W1 3.70B


Where can I find the list of hotfix numbers included in NAV W1 3.70B? I tried reading the product release notes etc, but did not find the exact hotfix numbers included in this service pack.



Hi Anse,

Sorry to break this to you but my understanding is Microsoft no longer Support version 3.7

Are you sure?

I thought they supported all products for 5 years, and at any time supported the last two products.

Link :-


Before January 2007, Microsoft will have other retirements. On July 31, the company says it will end support for tax and regulatory updates for Small Business Server 7.5; on Aug. 1 the tax and regulatory updates for all Great Plains 7.5 databases will disappear. And in October, Mobile Information Server 2001 and Visual FoxPro 7.0 will see their mainstream support disappear. Solomon 5.5 and Navision 3.7, introduced just three years ago, also will fall off the support radar in October. Those applications, which don’t qualify for extended support and were brought under the Microsoft banner via acquisition, are being moved into the company’s product life-cycle system.

I took that to mean this October 2006 not 2007 in the context of the whole document.

But thats my take, I may be wrong [:O]


well I think its a definition of “ending support”, which to me would mean that the product is dumped and no hot fixes etc. are avaialable. You don’t think a site like macworld might put a more doomsday type tone on it [;)]

Basically there will be no more updates or hotfixes released for 3.70, but you will still have access to all the existing hot fixes for a couple of years at least.