HotCopy with NTservice

I’m using HotCopy to make backup. If I run navision server as an application my batch works, but if I run NS as a NT Service my batch gets this error: “You cannot open another database or create a new database because the database was opened on the server, using the program property database=. To choose another database, you must start the server again with the same program property (specifying a different database name).” My Batch is like this hotcopy.exe source=“d:\navision\database.fdb” servername=SERVER destination=“d:\backup” netytpe=tcp user=***** password=***** I’m sure that the source database in the batch is the same opened with the service. any ideas? Thanks!

How did you install your server service ?

I used an administrator account to install navision server. I selected custom setup, specifying the server name, tcp-ip for network protocol, selecting a personal license and an existing databse. I can see the service in the service list of windows with the right service name and it starts with a local account. Are these informations you asked for? Thanks! Marcello

Hello, I’m using hotcopy this way : Batch file (hotcopy.cmd) hotcopy.exe source=hotcopy.ini ini file (hotcopy.ini) [Backup files] r:\base\bdd01.fdb=f:\hc\r s:\base\bdd02.fdb=f:\hc\s t:\base\bdd03.fdb=f:\hc\t [Options] servername=Myserver user=MyUserName password=MyPassword osathentication=no nettype=tcp regards,

Does the server application see the database also as “d:\navision\database.fdb”. It seems that the server assumes the database in another location than “d:\navision\database.fdb” and therefore does not allow to open your base in specific location.