HOTCOPY & email

The tread on this topic is locked, so… What is the minimum “messaging system” required to get email notification working for hotcopy? Since this is an application server and not a desktop, I don’t want to install s/w that will only consume resources. Navision is currently installed on an NT4 box, so we are stuck with what is on NT4 or can be installed onto it. thanks Gary

I have set it up with Outlook Express.

Or just redirect the output from hotcopy.exe to a textfile and send it with postie.exe. This is a very simple solution which also lets hotcopy finish even if the mail server for some reason is unavaliable. You also don’t have to bother about email profiles and such.

I installed Outlook Express and successfully sent an email from Outlook Express, but HotCopy still does not send the email notice. The email line has my correct email address Is there anything else I should look at. It seems that I’m missing a configuration step. thanks Gary