holding company with subsidiary compnies


I have a holding company with 4 subsidiary compnies.

How can i share data within the 4 companies? (I don’t want to enter data that is relevent to all the companies each time i define a company but only once, The shared information can be related to employees who works each time at another company or to common projects or tasks)

I want to aggregate data from all the subsidiary companies as well, so by executing reports i will be able to get information from all around the companies.

An example why i need the shared information is the reqruitment proccess.

If an applicant was dedicated to one subsidiary compny and after his interview the HR’S people have decided to hire him to a position in other subsidiary compny - how can do that? how can i share the data between the the companies.

Thank you.


You can call the data of other company from a company by C/SIDE code. If you want to call the data in some places then it is ideal to use C/SIDE code.

oh i am sorry, i thought the question meant for Navision. :slight_smile:

Hi Roni,

If u like to share data within companies, U can create a virtual company.

In your case, create a virtual company, attach those table whose data you want to share among companies.

Say HrmApplicantTable. Put that table in a virtual company, so that all applicants is visible to all companies. U can, anyhow, filter records from this table on your requirement to show to a particular company.

I hope it will help u somehow…


Yes virtual tables is the way to go, although this needs to be one of the first decisions you make. If you have gone ahead and set the databases up and entered information you cannot then make the tables virtual. I believe you can get developers to “resolve” this situation though!


Because i am doing the first steps of implementing the product, i didn’t enetr yet real data.

I even didn’t creat the organizational sructure for each company.

I installed the SQL database and than the AX but with demo data that i created . I need to replace this data with an actual data.

Do you think that i can still use the virtual tables in this stage ?

I thank all of you for the help.


I believe you will need the tables to have no data in them to make them virtual tables. I am pretty sure this is one of the topics covered in the actual setup, or at least in teh overview or early training manuals.

Hi Roni,

Before creating the Organizational structure, make a database structure, as how u have to store and retrieve data.

If u r playing with demo data, its OK, BUT if there is real data, sorry to say, after putting tables into virtual company, it will not show you the data.

So, first plan-out how to store-fetch data, which tables you want to put in Virtual company, then put data in the database…

I hope it will give u some idea.

Best of luck…


yes indeed.Your answers gave me some ideas.

I just don’t know how to delete the data i have such as : employment histry or the employe themselves.