Historic Goods Shipped Not Invoiced Report

Hi, I need to run a GRNI report as at a previous date. I have a report which is automatically run each night at the date I want but it only summarises by total stock item, not by individual stock receipt.

I have tried applying a ‘date filter’ with ‘print details’ ticked on the report options but this still seems to include newer transactions.

I am using European Navision 4.

Thank you

What do you want

Goods Shipped but not Invoiced


Goods Received but not Invoiced.

Goods Received not Invoiced please

Kindly look into Purchase Line Table and look at those fields Qty Received and Qty Invoiced Field. Difference is your report.

If you defined one account Good received but not Invoiced and if you have mapped that account in Posting Setup → Invt.Accural Acc.(Interim)

This will give clear picture of the above report

Please refer field “Qty. Rcd. Not Invoiced” on Purch. Rcpt. Line table. This will give the required data.


Faisal Bukhari