Hiding Zero field ROW in Report

Dear Friends, I have designed a report in Navision in which “Customer No” “Name” & “Outstanding balance” field is printing in report. Now i want to hide rows of customers whos outstanding balance is “zero” If anybody is having an idea please help me out …

( I have tried “Blankzero” & “Blank Numers” properties but it only hides the specific field i want to hide the whole row where customers outstanding balance is “zero”)

Hi Jack,

As the first thing in the OnAfterGetRecord-trigger of the Customer-dataitem, write this…

IF “Outstanding Balance” = 0 THEN

Should do the trick.
If “Outstanding Balance” is a flowfield, You have to calculate it first, otherwise it will always equal 0.
Write: CALCFIELDS(“Outstanding Balance”), before the IF-statement.

This depends on whether you need the processing in the dataItem to complete or not.

If you need other code to run, then in the Appropriate seciont add:

Currreport.SHOWOUTPUT(“Outstanding balance” <> 0);

If you don’t need the other code to run, then in the OnAfterGetRecord section, add

if “Outstanding balance” = 0 then


you can use this way too…

IF “Outstanding Balance” = 0 THEN