Hiding Flow Filters

HI, IS there any way out where we can hide the flow filters from the users? I have made 5 flow fields in G/l account table for internal use and not to be shown to the user. Any idea ? Regards

Hi, No, you can not hide flow filters from the Flow Filter list.

I use this code to simulate what you are looking for (I reject any change on the flowfilters I want to “hide”) **OnActivateForm()** IF g_boolClearFlowFilters THEN BEGIN SETFILTER(<YourFlowField>, g_recRecBackup.GETFILTER<YourFlowField>)); SETFILTER(<.... END; **OnDeactivateForm()** g_recRecBackup.COPY(Rec); // Global var g_boolClearFlowFilters := TRUE; // Global var Note: g_boolClearFlowFilter is needed if you use SETFILTER in the OnOpenForm trigger, … Hope that helps, Jesús Soage