Hide/unhide button in AX

Dear all, I want to hide some button on some table form in AX. Because I don’t want someone Post some journal.

How I do it?

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Use Security for this instead of modifying the form.

OK, I don’t want to modify table, but where I can setup to hide/unhidden button. I think AX can do it.

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You should go to the form design, then look out for the Posting button/ menu item from the relevant button group. In properties set Visible to “NO”.

U can find the exact location of the button in form design by making a right click on the button, select “set up”. this will open User Set up form. u can locate the button on Layout. But to hide the button, do it through form design.

Primarily we follow the security key concept to disable posting button for a user or group of users.

If you go to the form and design the form so the posting button is hidden NOONE will be able to post.

As a user you could right mouse click and hide, but then the user can right mouse click and unhide.

This is why setting up the posting rights by security is the correct suggestion.

I think that AdamRoue is right, we can use setup security to do it. Because I don’t want someone can post, there are 1 person who can post these journal.

If I use setup security, could I hide or unhide some button? I think AX can do it but I don’t know where to setup this.

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Administration → Security → User Group Permissions → Security → General Ledger → Journals → Post. Deny i.e. make it “No Access” this for the group. But test it before you do it on Live System. It won’t hide the button will make it grey user will not be able to do anything on button. See Post and Transfer as well.

Go to permissions, select the main menu one, then remove the button from full control to no access.

So for example go to Sales Ledger - Customer - Sales Orders - Sales Orders. No rights to the invoice class means they cannot run the invoice process.

I know very little about this, but it is relatively simple, just a lot of work.