hide field in ssrs report conditionally


I want to hide field on ssrs report conditionally(on page number). I have taken 5 fields on my report and it should display 4 fields on first page of report and from 2nd page it should display all field. Any idea how could i achieve this?

Thanks in advance

We can’t use page number global variable in the tablix section (body).

Please explain me your requirement detail, I will try to help you.

I want to hide one column from my report…but that column should be hide from first page only but rest all pages of report must show that field

What is the difference between first page data and second page data except the page number condition? I tried to get that the business login behind this scenario.

Is there any condition to fill the data on the first page and rest on second page?

no there is nothing difference between first page and other pages data. only page number condition