Hide Company

Hi… If we create 2 company, is it possible hiding one company by user ID, when the first time we open the database, thanks for any suggestion… Kind Regards AKO

Not hiding, but restricting access to is possible from standard Navision access-control, which you just need to specify per company. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

The “company select” form does not come from the database, but it’s a system form you have no control over. Restricting the visible list of companies is not possible, first at entering a company you can do something by setting permissions. Is using a separate database an option? John

Attain can do this with record-level security.

Robert, Can you explain the instruction, How to do that in ATTAIN ? AKO


Originally posted by robertc: Attain can do this with record-level security.

This require SQL-Option. You need granul 1410. Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com