Hi friendz i got a report which consists of a matter of 3 lines after the total amount and a authorized signature down in the report i caame to know that we can insert the dataaaa through programable section but i didn’t know how to write it please help me

Firstly create a display method suppose you want to pull item id in report then you can create as:

display itemid itemid1()


retrun itemid;


and now create programmable section in design part of report and pull that display method here, dont forget o give programmable section num. in property.

thererafter, go to fetch method and write your logic and at anywhere in the report you can simply call this programmable section like this :

this.Execute(1);//1 is programmable section num.

For more go to this : http://daxtechies.blogspot.in/2013/03/report-structure-in-ax-2009-create.html