Hi I need to display a message or infolog when opening the ax

hi how can i do this guys?

thx in advance.[:)]

Hi Mohammed,

For this, you can put infolog in class Application, method StartupPost.

I hope, it helps

Hi Mohammed!

If you want to show your message constantly, modify the config file (xpo) in this line:


For example if you want to show the ‘Hello World!’ message:

startupmsg,Text,Hello World!

(Anyway check the SysStartupCmd class. It’s good for system startup processes you want to run.)

I have to mention that I work with AX 3.0.

Hi Manish

I can’t find class Application in AX4.0

Mohammed : What version of AX are you using ?



In Ax 4.0, to execute code in the server tier - it has to be implemented in Application → StartupPost method

If code has to be executed in the client tier, it has to be implemented in Info → StartupPost method.

Both these classes could be found at the end of Classes node.

Hope this helps,

Ohh yes there it is - that works thanks