Hi from Veghel, The Netherlands

Hello everybody,

My name is Theo. I am a Technical Consultant at Rainbow Solutions BV in Geldermalsen, Microsoft Gold Partner. Started with Navision in 2005, mainly programming customer made modifications for small to midsize printing companies. Had no experience with ERP packets at all. Much experience in programming in languages such as Pascal, C, C++, some C#, but also in Progress on SCO Unix. I even used to program in embedded systems with a language called PLM86.

In Navision we are using the Graphic AddOn from IT Gruppe (Danmark). We improved, completed and expanded this AddOn to meet the Dutch market. Since about one year we focussing on another AddOn which is also from DanMark. It is called PrintVis. This AddOn is much more robust, configurable and complete than the Graphic Addon from IT Gruppe.

We are also focussing on the Transport and Logistics market for which we use AddOns (NavImpex, NaviTrans and NaviPWMS) from our Belgian partner Young & Partners.

For some customers we also use AddOns from To-Increase. Personally I do not have any experience with the modules from To-Increase yet. But our Functional Consultants do.

Finally, I am also one of the two System Administrators for our company. So installing, maintaining desktops, servers, firewalls, switches, internet stuff and so on is also one of my tasks. I like the combination with my job as a Technical Consultant.

Hello Theo van de van,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group and thanks for a nice introduction.

Please be active in the discussions on the forum, ask the questions that you have , share your experience and contribute to solve others problems.

Hi Theo and Welcome,

If you have Pascal and C then C/AL code will look very familar to you.

Hi Theo,

Welcome to the user group and thank you very much for your long introduction. The graphical industry is very interesting and have many good add-on’s for Navision.

Hi Dave.

Yes, I agree with you that the C/AL code looks familiar to me because of my experience with those other programming languages. For me it was easy to learn programming in C/AL this way. The bigger challenge for me is understanding how things are to be done functionally in Navision. As I mentioned in my introduction I had no experience in ERP at all. So all those terms like Ledger Entries, Journals, General Ledger Accounts and so on were quite confusing at the beginning. On top of that I had to start with the Graphic AddOn at the same time but also had no experience in the printing industry. So I had to learn all those terms being used there too. Frankly spoken, there is still al lot to learn for me. But that’s okay, makes the job even more interesting and challenging!

Hi Veghel, we are currently implementing printvis. However, we find difficulty in doing so. Do you know where can I find a printvis manual or guide for me to study just like microsoft that offers study materials in its customer source?

Hi John,

For as far as I know there is no PrintVis Manual or study Guide available. But I will check this for you. Have you checked this at Novavision, the owner of the PrintVis software?

Hi John,

I had a brief look at the PrintVis wiki and on the Partner Home Page there is a link to training where you can find all kinds of documents in which the functionality has been explained of most parts of PrintVis. This wiki is far from complete but still very usefull I think.

On top of the wiki Novavision provides webcasts for several topics. The trainings via those webcasts are kind of on demand. You have to provide a topic list to Novavision and they will provide a training via a webcast if there are enough attendees.

As a PrintVis partner and reseller we are also provided with training databases.

I suggest that you pay a visit to the wiki and/or Novavision website.

Hi Theo,

Thank you. It is a great help.

Kind regards,