HF30SP4_011 - Upgrade to sp4 taking extremely long

HF30SP4_011 - Upgrade to sp4 taking extremely long time, Hot Fix Corrections made for: As part of the IC-SWAT Red-deliveries, the two jobs in question was not written to run in a outer TTS-scope. For SP4 we’ll release the jobs “as-is”, later on they’’ll be part of the Consistency-check. Solution of the Problem The classes: \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB_V25toV30 and \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB_V30toV30SP will be modified to excluded the methods: updateInventTransIdReferenceLot() and updateInventTransIdReturn() The two methods have already been released as stand-alone jobs in HF#3 and will be re-issued in this HF, bundled with the modified ReleaseUpdate-framework. CAUTION!! When the jobs are executed the sequence should be: 3. updateInventTransIdReferenceLot() 4. updateInventTransIdReturn(. Affected Objects: \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB_V25toV30 \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB_V30toV30SP