Hey everyone

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new and improved GP forum. There was one here a while ago, but then it got deleted. We’ve put it back and are ready for some interaction.

Step up and introduce yourself!


Hi Jake,

My name is Amber Bell. I do a lot of GP tips and tricks on my website: https://www.trainingdynamo.com and my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkBX0gIaDu6wxQwEqmJFQPg

I have been training people on how to get the most out of their investment in #MSDynGP since about 1999!

I am excited to be presenting at the next #DynamicsCon!

Hey Jake, my name is Jon. I don’t know very much about Dynamics but I hear it’s pretty cool.

yeah, i know you don’t.

Teach me oh wise one.


Welcome everyone to the Dynamics GP Functional forum.

Looking forward to some great discussions.

David Musgrave MVP


Hi [mention:41070ff665ff4373b482535f7550659b:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05],

Many Thanks to you and [mention:2ad34ff1156d42a08f485895ed755b65:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] to open us the doors on the Dynamics UG community site…

I’ve been a long time GP on the user side (15+ years) and since 3 years now an independent consultant, still advocating Dynamics GP despite all the commercial pressure by MS to push the entire D365 product line to the existing customers, and 365BC in particular for GP clients…

The future of our GP User Group community as we have known it for the past years is looking all but rose I fear and we don’t know what’s going to happen to it since it changed hands back in 2019…

I’ll start spreading the word around our GP User community that a kid in the block has shown up and is open to new members and that everyone is welcome without any pressure of any sort. I’ve also been a long-time contributor and moderator on the MS Dynamics Community site and still enjoy to visit it on a (almost) daily basis when time permits.

Rest assured that the posts here will remain strictly GP centric and there will be no activism of any sort :smiley: nor political debates.
Looking forward to the new community site about GP.

B@, aka GP Geek.

PS: I see this is the “Functional” branch of the forum around GP, I guess there will be more branches to come ? (sorry if they already exists, haven’t taken the big tour yet).

Glad to have you here David.

Great welcome post [mention:72183239922e481d91d36459cdd3a005:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]! Yes we can branch out with other forums within this group if we feel the need. Excited to see what our user group can grow into and trust the GP community will bring the fun as they always do.

Hi Jake (and everyone)-

I’m Joseph Markovich and am a big GP and D365 nerd.

I have been working with GP since version 6 back in 2004 and CRM since version 4 in 2010. My start in GP was responding to a job ad for a local company looking for an IT guy with “Great Plains experience preferred.” After searching “What is Great Plains?” the night before, I landed the job, taught myself how to use and administer it, fixed the failed implementation and now blog about it.

Am looking to help others really supercharge their investment and complement it with other solutions.

Thanks to you and Jon for resurrecting the GP forums! Yay!


welcome to the group!

Welcome welcome welcome!

A new world - Thanks for the GP Forum - I’m not sure how the DAC thing will work out, but I am really glad that there is a viable alternative! Anyone needing help with GP Manufacturing, happy to help - I’m an independent consultant, no threat to your Partner (I’m not a reseller), and happy to work with/through/as-part-of Partners. Have been working with GP Manufacturing clients & Partners since 2003, it’s been a fun ride as our platform keeps changing under our feet. GP is solid, stable, ignored/unloved by MS, but is surrounded by a huge competent experienced ISV ecosystem… a good thing, now and going forward. Be well, and glad that Beat pointed me in this direction! Fred Hartman, GP Manufacturing consulting, fredhartman1@gmail.com

Beat, so happy to have seen your GPUG posting and stepped over into this other forum… very promising!

Welcome to for forums Fred!

Hi Jake,

Like Beat, I am also an independent consultant and have worked in the Dynamics GP as a Microsoft Partner Solution Architect, consultant, and trainer for over 20 years. And also like Amber, I am a HUGE advocate for training as the most valuable tool for end users.

I look forward to seeing the DUG community grow as I see many of the GP veterans popping up here as well!

Hi Lisa! Welcome to the group.