I have just recently got in to the making and printing labels game. Now I have been told of a few good printers to go for but when it comes to software I dont have a clue what to go for! Has anyone else got any good suggestions for what software to get?

Thanks in advance

Just use Navision directly. There is really no need for any other solution unless you have some really specialized requirements. And if we are talking advanced shipping labels, then I would recommend that you use Lanham’s Associates E-Ship solution. Personally I have in my 20 years with Navision never met any customers who needed anything external for that purpose.

Hi Erik,

I can agree that NAV Report can do the job for some companies… What about printing RFID labels??? Or Tags with 2 dimensional barcodes…

We are working with a lot of jewelry companies and we have to print hundreds of thousand labels a day. And each customer requires their own format and different format per Item… In this kind of environments NAV have to use native Zebra functionality.

Tom, look at our add-on: RealTime XML Label Printing.