Help with Item (27) table Inventory (Flow Field) on Report

I am trying to put Quantity on Hand on a Sales Order Line item report. Unfortunately it is coming up 0 on the report and I looked at the table design for Item (27) and the field Inventory is a Flow Field. When I open the Item table the field Inventory (Quantity on Hand) shows a value but in my report it shows up as 0.

Here is my code and the Get is working fine as I used a test field and that works perfect.

gsParentItemNo := ‘’;

gsParentItemNo := “Sales Line”.“No.”;

IF recItem.GET(gsParentItemNo) THEN BEGIN
gsTest:= recItem.“Inventory Posting Group”;
gsQtyonHand := recItem.Inventory;

The gsTest brings the proper value back but the gsQtyonHand shows zero on the report.

Thanks in advance. Very troubling why this isn’t working right.


Hi Greg,

You need to call a calcfields before the assign i.e.

recItem.CALCFIELDS( Inventory );

Nav does not (for preformance) calculate flowfield automatically.

Thanks Dave.

Is that before the GET or after or instead of the GET?


Figured it out Dave.

Disregard previous post and Thanks again.