Help wanted to locate a number sequence

Hi everyone,

I am looking at [GeneralJournalEntry] table , there is an unique index based on 3 fields: [JournalNumber] / [FiscalCalendarYear] / [Ledger]
And, when I use the following SQL:
select JournalNumber, FiscalCalendarYear, Ledger, * from GeneralJournalEntry
I can see that JournalNumber is picking up an number sequence, the pattern is companyID-######, but I cannot find the place where this number sequence is defined, I tried the General Ledger module, go to the parameters form, but didn’t find a good match. Can anyone offer some clue to find it out?
Thank you,


Hi Kwen,

Number sequence can be viewed at respective modules at parameter form (Number sequence tab) as well as we can view all the number sequences (for all modules) at one place.

If your using AX 2009 version then , you can view all the number sequence at Basic > Setup > Number Sequence > Number Sequence.

If your using AX 2012 version then , you can view all the number sequence at Organization > Common > Number Sequence > Number Sequence.

As i said in the first line that we can view number sequences of particular module we can view them at their respective parameters form.

Ex: General Ledger … GL > Setup > Parameters > Number sequence tab

A/C Payable : AP>Setup > Parameters > Number sequence tab.