Help on Uploading data... urgent

Hi Experts,

I am new to Axapta programming, and now I am doing the uploading data to Axapta.

  • Under the Item Group, there are some set up data for accounting, such as Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory… how to upload to this? I can only see the InventItemGroup datasource… and some edit/display method.
  • What should I do for uploading the Opening Balance of GL, AR and AP…
  • GL: I can use the GL Journal.
  • AR and AP: if I use the GL Journal to upload, then it will update the balance of GL Account. And this is very hard for user to prepare the data template file. They have to check the balance of each GL Account, then minus to the opening balance of AR and AP account.

Thank you very much for your help.


Pete, sorry to tell you, but this long since pasted being urgent.

Dataconversion is a critical phase of any ERP implementation, and if you are doing this for a client, then there is no way you should be in an “urgent” situation. If you have told the client that you will deliver, then you should long ago be at the level that you can do this.

I am very happy to help people learn, but ina scenario where deveoper needs urgent advise to do core basic implementaiton functionality I get very angry.

I just do hope that you did not buy your certifications from one of the meny sites selling Axapta test answers.

This site has many people that want to help you to learn Axapta, but please you need to learn the product, before you are ready to promise your cleint that they can go live.

Sorry, but this is my current rant.


The principle of data conversion is the same for any ERP implementation.

Bascially what you need is a full understanding of the manual process of posting in that application. So step one is to leanr the base app, and tha means you need ot put away your devlopers license, and create GL, AR.AP, Inventory postings MANUALLY you need to understand how these integrate to one another, and how they ofest GL accounts.

Once you knoe how the base product works, then you look at how to automate these tasks.

HI Pete, thnkas for th eclarification. I initially read your post as you being an Axapta VAR, and about to bring a client live, without having done it before. If you are a client soing it internally its a differnt situation.

I must say though, that unless it is a pretty simple implementation, you are going to need some help on this. Unfortunately I am not an Axapta expert, otherwise I would offer my services.

Could I ask you to update your profile, to at least indicate that you are an end user.

Hi Pete!
I have made many data uploads in Axapta, so here is my advice:

If you want to import item base data, you always have to use 3 tables: InventTable, InventTableModule and InventItemLocation.

InventTable is pretty clear. The InventTableModule table holds all data for the things you mentioned (e.g. the “Sales Order”, “Inventory” etc… groups). The reason for this is that you can e.g. specify different prices for sales and purchase.
So what you have to do is for every item in InventTable, you have to have 3 records for InventTableModule: one for each ModuleType.

The InventItemLocation is used to specify some standard inventory data. You need to have one record for every item. The field “InventDimId” must be the standard “empty” inventdim. You can see the record if you click the button Setup/Warehouse items in the Inventory Form.

Customers and Vendors:
Use a GL journal to import all your open transactions. This will generate the necessary customer and vendor balances AND it will update your GL accounts. The profit of the transaction should be booked on your standard customer/vendor sum accounts. The loss should be booked on an interim account which is not used in your normal chart of accounts. You must, of course, NOT import those accounts when you import your ledger balances.

I hope it helps a little for the start.