Help on ACTION inside report

Hi, I have pricky situation. I have a processing report,in this case i have OK and Cancel action buttons on the bottom right when i run the report. Now the problem is, i would like to pop up an error message, if the user does any other action other than “OK”. I saw on C/AL Symbol Menu in the report designer there exist “Action”, its corresponding actions like OK,Cancel etc… Can anybody help me how to check for the action performed from inside the report itself. cheers, JHC

Hi JHC, Try this: 1. Add a Label Control to the Request Form of the Report. 2. In the Caption Property of this Control enter “Press OK to start.” 3. Create a Boolean Variable ReportStarted 4. In the OnPreReport() trigger of the Report add code:ReportStarted := TRUE;5. In the OnQueryCloseForm() trigger of the Request Form add code:IF NOT ReportStarted THEN EXIT(CONFIRM('Are you sure you want to Cancel?', FALSE)); Hope it’s what you wanted… [;)]