Help, nodbc: table/field name w/ spaces.

Hi all, I tried to connect to Navision DB thru NODBC from .NET. For the ODBC comand text, I have problem of how table/field name spaces should be represented in SQL. I tried the following statements, all of which cause exceptions to be thrown. (1) “SELECT * FROM Sales Price” (2) “SELECT * FROM [Sales Price]” (3) “SELECT * FROM Sales_Price” However, for names with period, I replaced with underscore and the SQL is executed just fine, e.g. “SELECT No_ FROM Item”. Anyone who has solution for the space character representation problem, please advice. Thenk you.

On the ODBC Setup, select Options and check the value of the ‘Identifiers’ field. Depending on these settings then a space can get converted to an underscore failing that putting the field name in square brackets should work.

Hi Gary, Yes… I missed the configuration part. Now it’s working fine. Thanks a lot for your information.


Can you please forward me the sample code using C# and NODBC? I am new to Navision. We are using Navision 4.0