Help~~~Job Budget Line Problem

Hi all,

Do ur guy know any solution to update quantity field at job budget line table (Id: 168)? Quantity field is a flowfield which get the value from job budget entry table (Id: 211). Each record will store into job budget entry table once the user enter quantity value at job budget line.

The problem is i wan do some calculation then update quantity field and uneditable it.

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By diffinition flowfield are the results of entries in another table, which you know, so you have to do your calculations on the other table, then the flowfield will be updated in the main table.

So, if you start in the Job budget line table, your calculation routine needs to call up the Job budget entry table, make the changes and close to return you back to the job budget line table. Then trigger an update so the flowfield can read the new data.

I’d also like to add that you should not change the values of the existing budget entries. You should instead just add a new adjusting entry.