Help in No. Series Management Codeunit

Hi Below are the functions that are present on the CODEUNIT 396 NoSeriesManagement of NAVISION ATTAIN 3.10 TestSeries SetSeries FilterSeries GetNextNo TryGetNextNo GetNextNo1 GetNextNo2 SaveNoSeries SetNoSeriesLineFilter IncrementNoText UpdateNoSeriesLine UpdateLength UpdateNo ReplaceNoText GetNoText GetIntegerPos It is not clear to me when to uses these functions.Can any one help me to undestand the utility of these functions ie when we have to use which fucntion while getting New number from a specified No. eries With Regards Ritesh

Those functions is used to assign a new Number Series to a particular document. For example, when you create new purchase order it will force this codeunit to assign a new purchase order No. Series based on the Nos. Setup and latest No. Series used. Generally, this codeunit used on OnInsert trigger. And always execute these lines : TestNoSeries; NoSeriesMgt.InitSeries(GetNoSeriesCode,xRec.“No. Series”,“Posting Date”,“No.”,“No. Series”);