Help about Help

Hi! I am Rockie on Navision Attain Programming. I programming in many other languages but I have some problems with sintax when i make some reports. I need help about sintax of C/SIDE. In C/Side Help there are sintax abount functions such GET, SETRANGE, and so on but I can not find anything about IF… THEN, WHILE, and so on… Where can I find it? Thanks

You should read the C/AL Programming Guide located on Navision Tools CD. For how to design objects read the Application Designer’s Guide located on Navision Installation CD.

C/AL Programming, ok! But it seems that this help is not in my CD. Do you lknow what is the exactly file name? I don’t know if my Partner (Company I buy Navision) give de suitable CD. [Some hours later] [8D] you can find this document at Thanks a lot – Roger