Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,

I am a data warehouse specialist building cubes from Microsoft Dynamics AX. I work more with the AX backend. I hope to learn and share on this forum.



Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

Could you please elaborate about cubes from Microsoft Dynamics AX…

am not aware of this. i wanna learn some basics…



Thank you Amol.

Hello Krishna,

Cubes are multidimensional structures in a data warehouse that provide an easy-to-use platform for generating analytical reports. They are faster than traditional reports. A data warehouse consolidates and integrates data from various data sources.

For example, if you wanted to generate a sales analytic report by product/product type/product group, by date/year/quarter/month, by customer/customer group, by county/state/region/country, by sales person/sales manager, by warehouse/site, by transporter/vehicle, by delivery type etc, showing actual vs budget vs last year vs last month etc or trend analysis, you can easily achieve this is seconds when you already have a cube deployed for this. Generating various views of this kind of analytic report can also be achieved in seconds by simple drag and drop operations depending on the front-end tool you use to connect to the cubes like Microsoft Excel or any other Business Intelligence tool.

Also, if you wanted to generate a report that cuts across different modules in AX like from sales, inventory, production, ledger,procurement, account receivables, account payables etc, you can achieve this with cubes in a data warehouse.

Microsoft Dynamics AX usually ships with some predesigned cubes but I don’t know how elaborate they are as Ive never used them. I build my own cubes from scratch but usually use the data source documentation for the AX cubes as a guide to building my own data warehouse.

I hope this helps.