Header-Detail Information FORM

Hello to All,

I have to create a form in which when i select the PO in upper Grid then its related ItemNumber Detail is to be shown in Lower Grid automatically. I have done the following steps but still when i select the PO in upper Grid it only shows the same PO in lower grid but not the other details and item number…The Steps which i used is as follows:-

I have created a Form named-[Header_Detail Form] in Axapta-2009.In that form i used 2 tables

  1. Table–HeaderTable(Fields–>>ID(purchid(EDT)), lname(LastName), Name)

  2. table–DetailTable(Fields–>>ID(purchid(EDT),itemnumber(itemid from purchline table)), and some other fields)

Then give a normal relation in Detail Table(DetailTable.ID == HeaderTable.ID)

Then Created a Form with three groups and use these tables as 2 Data Source

Group1) Header

Group2) ControlSplit

Group3) Detail

In DataSource 2(i.e. Detail_Table)–> joinsource = Header_Table & Link type is "Active"

Then In Design–>Group1–>grid property–>datasource = Header_Table

Group3–>grid property–>datasource = Detail_Table.

The Image is Shown Below.

Please suggest me some solution

Hi Pranav,

Unable to view the image.

If you can view one field in DetailTable, you should be able to view rest of the info as well. Can you confirm whether data is corrected populated in this table?

Also how are you populating this info?

Did you try all combinations with the joinsource and link type in your DataSources?

Sometimes the reverse relation will get you what you want.