Having a Posting Problem with too many Direct Cost entries

Dear all, I have a customer I’m setting up, and for some reason, the way I set up their system, I’m getting too many Direct Cost transactions posting to the G/L.

You can see in the attachment that I’m getting 2 Direct Cost (in-and-out) that don’t need to be there:

I have Direct Cost posting turned on, but in Cronus it’s there too, and I don’t get the extra lines.

It’s forcing me to add an Inventory Adjustment Account (50300), but I’m not sure why it’s posting t to that account when I simply post a purchase invoice and a payment against it.

Anyone have any idea what I’ve done wrong?

Without seeing how the posting code are set up, it will be difficult to diagnose. But, a couple of questions:

  1. What accounts do you have set up for the Purchase Account and Direct Cost Applied in the General Posting Setup?
  2. What is the costing method for the item in question? If Standard, what is the standard cost?

Generally, if you’re just posting item receipts from a purchase invoice (no “receipt” being posted first), BC posts the following for item purchases:

  • Debit to Inventory
  • Debit to Purchases
  • Credit to Direct Cost Applied
  • Credit to Accounts Payable
    The Purchase and Direct Cost Applied entries may be the extra that you are seeing.

Reach out if you want to talk directly.

Hey Dave,

I got sick on Sunday, and finally got over it on Wednesday when the ice storm hit.

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