Hash Keys

Hai experts,

What are hash keys in ax 2012.How they are created and how they are used.


Which hash keys in AX2012? For general information about hashes see Hash function.

Hai Martin,

Thanks for ur reply. In Dimensionattribute table we find the field Hash key.

What is the main necessity for creating this hash key for this table.


For most attributes, it’s just a unique, synthetic key assigned when saving the record. But some standard attributes have fixed (“well-known”) hash keys that are then used in code - see DimensionAttribute::getMainAccountDimensionAttribute() for an example.

Hey aliAx, Martin is right you need to modify the AX class RetailCommonWebAPI on methods

line 23:
from: CLRObject dict = ser.DeserializeObject(_jsonString);
to: System.Collections.IDictionary dict = ser.DeserializeObject(_jsonString);

line 1:
from: public static Map getMap(CLRObject _dict)
to: public static Map getMap(System.Collections.IDictionary _dict)