Harrier Miers for Supreme Court -- Yes or No

I am a bit confused over whether this Harriet Miers is a good thing or not. Here’s what is confusing … Bush recommended her … so I expected to see all of the conservatives jumping up for joy … but that is not really the case. I did a bit of searching around and found that the heavy duty conservatives @ Townhall.com seem to be a bit pissed off: http://www.townhall.com/blogs/c-log/J%20Garthwaite/story/2005/10/03/159236.html And … on my side … there doesn’t seem to be much joy … so what’s the deal with this chick? Emerald :slight_smile:

Ehh, so what has this to do with project green and MBS?

There could be a link… Microsoft seems to always be in court fighting anti-trust suites, etc. Wonder if Miers could be a friend of the Gates family :slight_smile: