I had a 5 year old Dell Poweredge 2950 running Navision 4.0. 2 x 3 Ghz processors. 2GB RAM. Server 2003. 3 x 80GB Disk Raid 5 volume. All worked fantastic.

Recently i purchased a new server as the above was out of warranty. Dell Poweredge R510, 2 x 6 core 2.93Ghz processors. 4GB RAM. Server 2003. 5 x 300GB Disk Raid 5 volume.

On the old server it ran beautifully but after restoring the database to the new server the AVG Disk Queue length is constantly at 96 - 100 causing huge performance issues.

I know Raid 10 and Raid 1 are recommended but we tried raid 10 on the old server but it ran really poor so we ran on a 3 disk riad 5 which as i described above ran brilliant.

How can the new server running 5 disk raid 5 be worse than the old server runnign 3 disk raid 5.

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Is this SQL databse or native?


Sorry it is a native database

You can google with nav native database slow…