Happy New Year

Dear Members, Here a little late happy new year. 2002 was a year of surprises. The fact that Microsoft purchased Navision A/S was not really one of them. Many people have talked about this being the real goal of the three Navision Software A/S founders for many years. Now finally they succeed. But surprising in 2002 was the Navision Technical Briefing in Copenhagen in March. This conference was actually very good, especially if you compare to the previous world conferences hold by Navision. They where hitting the target. A good mixture of different subjects and good entertainment, but also lots of networking opportunities – a very important part of a conference like this. Surprising was also the brand name circus. First “Damgaard Axapta” became, “NavisionDamgaard Axapta”, then it became “Navision Axapta”, then “Microsoft Navision Axapta”, before it finally became “Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta Edition”. Navision (aka Financials/Attain) had similar name changes, before it ended with “Microsoft Business Solutions Navision Edition”. When those us, who have not been a part of Microsoft, has always said “but at least they know about marketing!”, whenever we found a bug in their programs. But this naming show has definitely changed my mind. The names in their full length are a farce in it self – almost an alcohol test! What will the year 2003 bring us? What will it bring this User Group? Will there be a war in Iraq? Will the world economy raise again? I’m looking very much forward to the year 2003. I’m generally optimistically about what will happen. Especially because I’m working as an independent contractor/consultant - I believe that many companies (partners especially) will continue to lay off people in the coming year to lower their costs. Not that this is good. But in general it will mean that there will be more work to us – the freelancers – the independent contractors and consultants. The work still has to be done – but not by regular employees. I just hope that Microsoft Business Solutions will recognize us and allow us into there network – just like Microsoft always did with other products. Let us get our continued product education. Access to hotlines. Without having to become a solution center. As for this website, then you’ve maybe noticed that we changed the name, so that we now are the Microsoft Business Solutions User Group (MBSUG). In the year that comes I will try to get new areas online. I will expand the JOB MARKET PLACE. The Download Section will get back online and the same will the links database. Happy new year, and remember to tell your friends, customers and co-workers about www.mbsonline.org – thanks. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst webmaster

With regards to the NTB - does anyone have an insight as to when and where the next is planned?

Hello I would like to know , when the downloads will be enabled again ?! Thank you Best Regards[?]