When testing new code it would be nice to be able to set GUIALLOWED := FALSE; so that I can run it on my pc. Is that possible? How?

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The GUIALLOWED is used to test wether or not dialogs etc. are allowed.
By using a “normal” client, the test will return TRUE, and if You use an Application Server (NAS), the test will always return FALSE.

So to Your question the answer is No, that is not possible.

So You can either use a NAS to test whatever You need to test, or disable the IF GUIALLOWED-line while testing.

Thanx for your quick answer!


What I’ve done in those situations is to add a field called “I Am Testing” or a variable “IAmTesting” to simulate the behavior. It doesn’t really matter though, because you’d use the command only to suppress UI elements and set default behavior when it’s not allowed. When you’re running form a regular client you’re allowed to see the error messages, so you actually get useful information, which in the case of NAS would be exactly the same, only the error message would show up in the event log.

I agree that the best way to test this is to actually run NAS. Don’t forget to restart the service every time you make a code change. Gosh I’ve wasted so much time not restarting NAS…

Just start NAS from a command promt and you’ll get messages directly in the command window instead of the application log. Don’t forget you can use the debugger also together with the NAS (debug=yes).