GST with multiple vendors on general journal

Hi, customer wants to pass following entry using G/L journal. using one voucher number only

DR Exp 1Dr Exp 2 Dr Exp 1Dr Exp 3Dr Exp 4

Cr Vendor B

Cr Vendor A

the problem hapens when i calculate GST on the exp lines, i get the error message; ‘document number calculated includes more than one customer/vendor. In order for the program to calculate GST the entries must be seperated by document number or an empty line’

why do i get this error?

Please alter the title of this post so it is more useful.

I think you get this message because the system calcualtes tax on a line basis and having selected a vendor there are two potential tax transactions. If you select a Vendor you should only be able to select G/L or Bank in the balancing account.

Why do they want one line instead of two, the key stroke differences is negligable. If it is a weeks worth of modifications or two lines which would they chose?


correcting my query

Existing entry being done is on using general journal


Exp A… dr (GST calculated)

EXP B… dr (GST calculated)

Exp C… dr (GSt calculated)

Vendor A (no GST calc.)

Vendor B ( No GST calc)

so no GST is calculated on the vendor line. when i try to post it the above way i get the error.

If i post it for each vendor seperately it works fine… but client wants to reduce effort of data entry.

i am not sure it is the right thing to accept for customisation. rgds


You need to change the title of the original post by editing it! I have done this for you.

So in your original you have three lines that are direct to the general ledger and these are balanced by two vendor entries? You want to transpose these to a single line vendor to vendor? Is this correct? I am not fully understanding your processing and requirements.

Hi adam,

sorry to confuse, you have the first part right. what i am trying to say is that when i try to balance by two vendor entries, the system gives me an error… I want to know why i get this error since the accounting entries balance.

of course when i make entry seperately for each vendor there is no problem. but the client insists for the multiple vendor in one entry.

hope i am clear this time

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

If my second part is incorrect what is incorrect?

Are you trying to tell me there is a line to a GL account balanced by a vendor, then a second line? I thought you had vendor to vendor.

The system stops me doing this balancing a vendor to a vendor as I cannot select vendor as the type if the initial entry is a vendor. I believe this is to do with the calculation of tax on the line, this is usually a business and item or business and GL cross reference, there is no vendor to vendor calculation of tax.

your second part too is correct .

the client has accepted the suggestion no cutomisation reqd.


Glad to hear that! I have marked the post as answered, I hope you do not mind.