Hi. I have 5 extra fields on my item card. ItemGroup 1-5. Normal grouping of these in a report is not a problem. I can create totalt for each level and so on. However, my customer needs to juggle these around. This mean that IG1 somtetimes can be on a lower level. Whereas IG3 can be moved to the first level. Normal Example Example IG1 1 3 1 IG2 2 2 5 IG3 3 1 4 IG4 4 5 2 IG5 5 4 3 Since Navision needs keys to achive grouping and sorting, I have know idea how to accomplish this. I can’t (or should not)create keys for every combiantion. Can anyone telle me if this is at all possible in Navision 3.70? Mabye Navision is not the way to go, anyone know of any 3-pary solutions that can do this? Regards, Thomas Jensen

Thomas, I guess in this case, a feasable solution is to fill first a temporary table that has these first IG fields as primary key. You fill these 5 fields with the combination that the customer wants to analyze and print the information based on this temporary table. It’s not the best regarding execution time, specially in case you have lots of leger entries, but still better than creating a lot of keys… Saludos Nils

Hi Nils. This worked like a charm. Thanks.