group total fields

Hi, I have a little problem with a group total fieds in a report.(1 data item) I make a group total field on 2 fields So the report displays cust1 Total for category1: 100 cust1 Total for category 2: 250 cust1 Total for category 2: 350 (the total of both categories:) ) cust2 Total for category1: 500 cust2 Total for category 2:320 cust2 Total for category 2:820 How can I display some text like “Total” in place of the repetition of the last category (italic)? thank you, John

Hi John I Take it that the Group total fields are ‘Cust’ and ‘category’. On the ‘Cust’ group footer section you need to have code similar to this on the OnPreSection Trigger. CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT := CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY = FIELDNO(Cust); and you can put similar code on the ‘Category’ group footer section. I hope this helps

Yes, it helps thanks I replace the textbox in the groupfooter section by a text variable (was an option) IF CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY <> FIELDNO(“category1”) THEN varcategory1 := TOTAL; OK not beautiful but it works