Greetings From Todd Bowlsby

Good Day:

My name is, obviously, Todd Bowlsby. I spent 15 years as an accountant, five of those as a CFO. I was also a network administrator for five years. I got into this business because I did one software conversion and one re-implementation when I was a CFO. I enjoyed the IT aspect of my job so much that I went back to college and got my BS in Information Technology to augment my accounting degree.

I’ve spent the last eight years as a Practice Manager. As a Practice Manager I had to put together the marketing to garner leads and turn them into prospects, pursue the prospects to turn them into viable opportunities and close the business and then perform the consulting to implement the systems I sold.

As a Practice Manager, I’ve been involved with various business management applications, including Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge (over 70 non-profit implementatons) and The Raiser’s Edge, AccountMate, QuickBooks, GoldMine, MAS 90/200, MAS 500, SalesLogix, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Computerease, SBF, Dynamics CRM/xRM and, of course, Dynamics GP.

I’ve been working with Microsoft and Dynamics GP/CRM for 6 years now.

I currently work for InterDyn - Remington Consulting, based out of Portland, Oregon.

I’m excited to join this community and hope that I can not only find answers to various questions as they arise for me, but also that I can I contribute by helping others out.

All my best,

Hi Todd,

you have marvelous record[:)] [Y] Always happy receive assistance from talented & knowledgable persons[:)]

Welcome On aboard[:)]

Hi Todd,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

Thank you for your introduction and hope you find this community useful and rewarding.

Thank you for the kind words.