Grand Total for GroupTotaled Field

I have searched this forum, and am although I find several post regarding report totaling, I do not find one that fixes my problem. I am working with the Payroll Control Transaction Summary report. It contains two data items, Payroll Control and Employee. My problem is I am grouptotaling the “Amount” field within each Payroll Control on the “Statistics Group Code” Field in the Employee data item in an Employee GroupFooter with TOTALSCAUSEDBY = FieldNo(“Statistics Group Code”). This gives me an “Amount” total for “Statistics Group Code” for that Payroll Control. How do I get a Grand Total for “Amount” for each each “Statistics Group Code” disregarding which Payroll Control it is associated with?

I believe that you would have to do this programmatically. As far as I know there is no property or command to let you do this. What you would have to do is keep tabs on each Statistics Group Code and it’s total amount (perhaps by using a temporary table). Then at the end of the report print the contents of the temporary table (using Integer dataitem etc. I’m sure the search will bring up some examples) Hope this has been of some use to you…

Through Code you can use CurrReport.CreateTotals() on the Predataitems.

That will only create a single Grand Total at the end of the dataitem. I believe that Steve wants summarised totals per Statistics Group Code at the end of the report??

Thanks for the response guys, I have been out of pocket for a few days a just now read your suggestions. I will try your ideas and let you know how it works out. Thanks againg for the help.