GP Extended Pricing

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First post for me in this forum. Thought I would get some discussion going.

I’m curious if anyone here uses Extended Pricing. What problems does it solve for you and what problems does it create? I like the 2 tier idea of price lists and books. I’m thinking we are going to outgrow our standard pricing at some point soon. What else is out there? Rockton omni price?

Let me know your thoughts

I don’t know how many other ISV’s are out there for pricing, but the extended pricing in GP is pretty robust. I would definitely recommend creating a test company and turning that feature on to test it. You can do BOGO, discounts by campaigns and many other features.

Hey Chris, was nice seeing you in Fargo at GPUC the other day.

I’d just point out that as a SalesPad user, you’d probably want to consider whether SalesPad and your other ISVs play well with GP Extended Pricing. Fortunately, SalesPad does work with GP Pricing and Extended Pricing. (Although not all of SalesPad’s advanced pricing methods are available when used in conjunction with GP Extended Pricing)

Often, I find the things that GP Extended Pricing offers can be accomplished with SalesPad’s pricing methods, and more. And there are some handy price mass update and price import tools that make administration of it easy. If you’d like to explore the SP pricing tools that you already own, or how it works with GP Extended pricing then reach out.

I am the original developer of Omni Price and as long as you don’t what to change quantities or add extra items it is much more powerful and flexible, and easier to setup than Extended pricing.

David Musgrave MVP
Original developer of Omni Price, Named Printers, Advanced Security, Field Level Security, Business Activity Statement, POP Taxes, Support Debugging Tool and more

Hey Chris. I’ve seen a few customers use Extended Pricing to create Customer Specific price lists. I do agree with Ken that not all ISVs and Integration Tools work well with Extended Pricing, so you really have to look not just at what extended pricing can do, but how it will fit into your Dynamics GP Ecosystem.

Rockton Software currently owns and supports Omni Price as well as a new pricing tool they have developed called Rockton Pricing Management. And Cavallo’s SalesPad product has some good pricing features as well. So, there are lots of options to consider for advanced pricing functionality with Dynamics GP.